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MX921 Repeater, Antarctic Installation

Instalation of two MX921 Low Current Repeaters .

One repeater was installed at 4000 metres near the summit Mt. Vinson, Antarctica's highest mountain. This provided full radio coverage between the advance camp and the climbing route.

The other repeater was installed at 2000 metres near the base camp & aircraft ski-way at Patriot Hills, some 200 km away & 800 km from the South Pole.

Both MX921's performed well in temperatures as low as minus 40 for the entire summer season (Nov. to Jan) and gave a range of over 200km at 25 W output into 9dBi collinear.

The repeaters, plus associated solar panels / batteries first had to be man-carried up the mountains by a relay team of several mountaineers.
Because of the difficulty & manpower required to transport them, it was decided to leave the installations in situ over the Antarctic winter.
Winter temperatures go down to minus 60 or 70, with several months of little or no daylight.

Photos and text courtesy of: Alan Cheshire, Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

MX921 Repeater, Totara Peak New Zealand.

"In a really good snow, I would expect all 3 masts and aerials to be totally encased in ice like about 2.5-3metres diameter and maybe a meter of ice and snow on the solar panels

The Heli landing spot is the saddle to the right of the hut and just beyond that is a near vertical drop for about 400-500metres down towards Lake Benmore"

Photo courtesy of Terry Thomas: T E Radio Ltd, Dunedin NZ


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