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The MXSSU Serial Splitter Unit is designed to allow a single serial connection to be made to multiple base station radios. Although it does not provide the flow control to and from the base stations, it does ensure that all connected equipment operates with correct RS232 levels and impedances. The rear panel provides access to all connectors and the front panel provides 10 LED indicators for the SSU status and an additional RS232 port on the front to allow temporary serial access to networked base stations.



Rack size 1RU Case
Physical Size 44mm high, 195mm deep, 483mm wide
Supply Voltage 13.8V DC 20%
Power Consumption < 50mA @ 13.8 VDC
Operating Temperature -10 to +60 C
LED Indicators Port TX x 8, Host TX, Power
Weight 1.9 Kg



  • PSTN Modem
  • Ethernet Port



  • Not all items and features initially available.
  • Due to ongoing development we reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.


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