MX921 low current Repeater and Base Station

T45 Option - System Interface expansion

Introducing the new T45 Option for the MX921 low current Repeater and Base Station! The T45 Option is an internal PCB card that provides the up most flexibility in interfacing the transceiver to external peripheral equipment. The rear sockets are wired for system oriented compatibly, providing similar interface point to that of the MX800. It also provides RS 232 Communication between radio and PC from the rear.

Special features, such as :
  • Plug and Play Technology.
  • Allowing easy installation within MX921
  • TX & RX 600 Ohms Balanced Audio.
  • TX input and RX output Line level adjustments.
    TX Audio coupling from DC-3400Hz.
  • E & M Signaling.
  • Contact (N/O or N/C) and polarity, source/sink configurable.
  • Three Programmable Alarms outputs.
  • User programmable diagnostic alarms outputs, via build in software menu.
  • Audio bridge facility.
  • 2 port level adjustment for audio sharing requirements.
  • Multiple CTCSS Decode logic output.
  • For controlling peripherals equipment when a valid RX CTCSS TONE is decoded.

Application Note

PDF 515 KB MX921 T45 System Interface Expansion 0.1.1 20/09/2006 DOWNLOAD


T46 Option - Low Loss Solar Regulator and intelligent Battery Manager

The MX921 has been design around low power consumption, to maximize operation time when used in conjunction with battery(s) powered sites. To insure the maximum efficiency of both the radio and Battery system, we have developed option T46- Low Loss Solar Regulator and intelligent Battery Manager. The T46 option removes all the unnecessary volt drop caused by diodes and employing an efficient Switching mode regulator system to achieves 99% charging efficiency. This technique is virtually lossless and disconnects the Solar Panel from the Battery when the end float voltage has been reached. It has the added advantage of not generating any electrical noise.

Special features, such as :
  • Plug and Play installation with MX921.
  • Allowing easy installation within MX921.
  • Very low voltage loss (voltage drop) across the controller.
  • From the Solar Panel to Battery and from Battery to MX921 is much lower than other third party controllers.
  • MX921 Front panel power on\off control.
  • Light Emitting Deode Readout.
  • Shows the status of the solar charging system and batteries.
  • User Adjustable Control Settings for different types of batteries systems.
  • Over Volts protection.
  • Over Charge protection.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Reverse Polarity protection.

Application Note

PDF 95 KB MX921 T46 Low Loss Solar Regulator And Intelligent Battery Manager 0.1.0 07/06/2006 DOWNLOAD

T92 Option -MX921 APCO P25 REPEATER

Spectra Engineering is pleased to announce the release of the Digital APCO P25 Repeater variant of the MX921 at the 2013 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas.

APCO Project 25 (P25) is the industry wide effort to set the standards of uniform digital Two-Way Radio for public safety organizations and has also been selected in other private system application, worldwide.

A major advantage for using P25 is to reduce spectrum bandwidth usage and the ability to recover excellent audio quality from noisier signals, where compared to analogue signals, the noise is always accumulative and degrades the audio quality.

Main features of the MX921 P25 Repeater (T92 option):

    Transparent mode:
    • Automatically switches to P25 mode on reception of a P25 carrier.
      (Allowing analog radios to still work on the same system.)
    • Repeats all P25 transmissions.
    • Repeats analog transmissions.
    • P25 Digital can operate on any freq band.
    • Passes P25 NAC unchanged.
    • Passes P25 private call and group call.
    • Passes P25 clear or encrypted.
    • Design based around proven MX921 and MX800 P25 architecture.
    • 255 channel capacity.
    • Flash based software design allows future upgrades for new features.
    • Standard Analog MX921 can be upgraded to Digital P25.
    • Analog Base station mode only.
    • Low power consumption <150mA on RX.
P25 Repeater
Repeater Only

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