MX920 Base Station/Repeater

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Low Power Consumption

The MX920 is ideally suited for remote repeater locations that are powered from Solar Panels. Current consumption is very low at 230mA typical when receiving a signal or in standby mode. Low current consumption of the MX920 receiver and main controller is achieved by using low power components while at the same time retaining the full RF specifications and performance. Current consumption during transmit is also 20% lower than previous technologies.

Advanced Programming Capabilities

The MX920 can be easily re-configured using a built in terminal emulation menu system. It also provides a Technician with diagnostic and alignment tools.

Elimination of Hardware Setup

For dedicated Basestation and Repeater installations, the MX920 automatically selects the required hardware circuits for simplified operation. All manual settings and adjustments are done through software control without the need for any covers to be removed.

Self-Monitor and Diagnostic Capability

The MX920 incorporates Built In Test Equipment (BITE) as standard, so as avoiding the need for any external costly monitoring units. The built in Forward and Reflected RF Wattmeter is as accurate as most modern Test Equipment.

Power Supply System

By adhering to the 13.8V DC industry standard, the MX920 retains the benefits of simplicity, efficiency and low cost of ownership. Inferior 28V designs suffer from reduced Transmitter VSWR rudgeness and the added cost and inefficiency of DC to DC converters.

Complete Remote Accessibility

Comprehensive remote control and diagnostics is available via the high speed serial port.

Wide Band Technology

Spectra Engineering’s designs feature the widest bandwidth in the industry. Previously, the RF Power Amplifier in a Transmitter restricted the available full power Bandwidth. New technology now changes those rules with new generation Power Amplifiers exceeding 80MHz Bandwidth whilst attaining even greater levels of efficiency.

Rugged Performance

The MX920 is designed and built without compromise to exceed industry standards and all international specifications. Is also capable of withstanding extreme temperature conditions and is engineered for maximum reliability. A compact yet efficient heatsinking system maintains the highest possible levels of service in adverse environments. Other inferior designs vent hot air through internal sections exposing core components to increased temperatures. The MX920 solves these problems and others by passing all hot air along the outside of the chassis and away from neighboring equipment.

Internal Modular Design

By cutting the number of module assemblies to just two, and greatly simplifying the construction techniques, a cost saving is passed to the end user. The MX920 incorporates automatic Plug n Play changeover of these modules. Being purpose designed and built from the very start, servicing is a breeze with the flat internal layout. By only removing the cover plates, even while in situ, one can access every component within the MX920 while still operating and fully connected.

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