MX800 Base Station/Repeater

On this page we will show some technology aspects that has been designed into the MX800 Base Station / Repeater. Emphasis will be on some of the more interesting and specialized features that set the MX800 apart from the others. From time to time we will add new information about our products.

RF Module Metalwork

Pictured below, one can see that the receiver and exciter (low power transmitter) are housed in a precision machined box. This box is milled out of a solid block of high grade Aluminum marine grade alloy. This screening is so effective that the MX800 results in the highest level of RF isolation. This can be demonstrated by the fact that a receiver even on the same freq as the exciter will not receive any signal due to leakage. The level of isolation needed in this case is > 144dB!

Power Amplifier Module

Innovative design and construction of the Power Amplifier Module allows the temperature of the Power Amplifier to be kept down.

Transient Frequency Response

This is a captured picture of the MX800 RF carrier stability at key up. It can be seen from the graph that the international standards can be easily met.

Band Pass Performance

This is a printout from a network analyzer of a tuned front end from a receiver module.

Isolation for 1dB de-sense

Receiver Performance

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