MX800 Base Station/Repeater

MXTOOLS - The Remote MX800 Programming Software

MXTOOLS is a Base Station Programming Utility specifically designed to use in conjunction with the Spectra MX800 Base Station. MXTOOLS provides easy viewing and setup of the parameters within the MX800 Base Station. MXTOOLS is used for three main purposes:

  • channel programming and viewing
  • configuration setup
  • viewing and radio diagnostics.

MXTOOLS is a powerful utility giving comprehensive control over the information within the radio while maintaining an easy to use user interface simplifying the setup of your MX800 Base Station.

Update channel and frequencies tables and monitor the status of the MX800 Base Stations .

MXTOOLS can be used to individually setup each of the 255 channels available in the MX800 Base Station. It also displays visual bar indications of measured parameters and features a real time update rate of 5 time/sec

The monitored functions of the MX800 Base Station include:
  • Status information on such parameters as PTT, Mute, Alarms,
  • Power supply voltage monitoring +/-100mV
  • Forward power monitoring to 5% accuracy
  • Reverse power with auto VSWR indicator
  • PA Temperature monitoring +/- 1C
  • Receiver RSSI with an accuracy of +/-1dB
  • Discriminator VF level
  • RX & TX PLL lock loop Voltage
  • CTCSS Decode real time frequency counter

Reconfigure over 100 hardware and software settings .

The Configuration screen contains all the user configurable options that are stored in the MX800 Base Station. The MX800 contains many options that can be enabled, disabled and setup, thus making the MX800 Base Station a versatile radio. The Configuration screen allows easy accessibility and interface to the many functions the MX800 Base Station provides, including channel spacing, power saving & alarm settings.


Perform remote diagnostics and configuration over a telephone network


MXTOOLS RD-Networking Remote Diagnostics

MXTOOLS Remote Diagnostic is an application in which you can diagnose and log single or multiple MX800 base station(s) data, by working in conjunction with option T31 board and MXSSU unit or T34 board.
MXTOOLS RD features:

    Real Time Diagnostic through Serial Communication or Ethernet
    Data Logging (Time Interval period 1 to 60 minutes or manual log).
      A file (dataExcel.txt) is formatted so that user can import data to MS Excel easily.
    Alarm Logging, depending on the alarm mask (programmable from MXTOOLS)

    In addition to the features above MXTOOLS RD allows you to connect to a single MX800 radio directly, where you can log any diagnostic result as well.

More information... <<MXTOOLSRD Help file>>
If you having problems opening this help file click here to be direct to microsoft support on this issue.

Software System Requirements (MXTOOLSRD):

  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Microsoft Windows 95 or later, or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 3 recommended) or later.
  • Processor:
    486DX/66 MHz or higher processor (Pentium or higher processor recommended), or any Alpha processor running Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.
  • CD or DVD Drive:
    A CD-ROM disc drive.
  • Display:
    VGA or higher-resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows.
  • RAM:
    16 MB of RAM for Windows 95/98, 32 MB of RAM for Windows NT Workstation.
  • A mouse or other suitable pointing device
  • MX800 Networked working in conjunction with RS232 option T31 (RS232) and MXSSU unit,
    OR UPD/IP options T34 or T58.




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