Features Matrix MX800/ MX920/ MX921 series

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ITEM MX800 MX920 MX921
Repeater Yes Yes Yes
Basestation (Simplex operation) Yes, add optional Simplex Relay Yes, add optional Simplex Relay Yes, add optional Simplex Relay
Basestation (Full duplex operation) Yes Yes Yes
Conventional Yes Yes Yes
Trunking MPT1327 Yes No Yes
Trunking LTR Yes No Yes
Simulcast Yes, add external ref in option T12 No No
External Modem connection Yes No Yes
Solar powered Can add Option T10 to reduce current consumption from 450mA to 300mA or lower Good, RX current 220mA Excellent, RX current 60mA
ITEM MX800 MX920 MX921
N type TX connector Yes Yes Yes
BNC RX connector Yes No Yes
N type RX connector Yes (option) Yes No
Line I/O connections Yes, option T05, T19, T26, T29 adds extra features etc No Yes, option T45 adds balanced feature etc
Open collector Alarm outputs Yes No Yes
Digital I/O Yes No Yes, expansion with option T45
Monitor connector Yes No No
Front panel LED status indicators Yes Yes Yes
RJ45 isolated VF I/O + E&M connector. Yes, option No Yes, option
Optional front panel RS232 port Yes No No
Bussable RS232 port Yes No No
ITEM MX800 MX920 MX921
Channel selection      
99 Channels selected from front panel Yes, option Yes Yes
255 Channel capacity Yes Yes Yes
Software channel select function Yes Yes Yes
Rear BCD/Binary channel change inputs Yes No Yes, option
Internal DIP switch channel select. Yes No No
ITEM MX800 MX920 MX921
Options / Features      
Programmable channel spacing Standard Standard Standard
Non predictive CTCSS enc/dec (PL) Option Yes Yes
DCS enc/dec (DPL) Option Yes Yes
Balanced isolated Line VF, E&M Option No Option
Simplex C/O relay Option Option Option
VF audio delay Option No No
Low current upgrade Option Standard Standard
External ref oscillator input Option No No
Local speaker and Mic input Option Yes Yes
Local channel change Option Yes Yes
DTMF remote control Option Yes Yes
Internal PSU No Yes No
Internal Battery No Yes No
Internal Duplexer No Yes No
Internal Solar controller No No Yes
Front panel variable volume Yes, knob Yes, knob Yes, knob
Front panel variable squelch Yes, screwdriver Yes, knob Yes, screwdriver
Front panel repeater switch No Yes Software option
Built in PSU No Yes, option No
Built in Duplexer No Yes, option No
Selcall features Future Yes, firmware option Yes, firmware option
Flash programmable No Yes Yes
TX Duty cycle 100% 100% 100%
Speaker amp Yes, 1Watt option Yes, 3Watt 5Watt peak Yes, 1Watt
Mounting formats 2RU Rack mount 3 RU size. Optional: 3RU rack tray, Wall mount, Horz or Vert case. 2RU Rack mount
Accurate real time clock Yes, option No Yes
Other additional Options Yes No Some
ITEM MX800 MX920 MX921
Comprehensive programming software Yes Built in Built in
Serial port diagnostics Yes Yes Yes
Software and hardware ID assignment Yes, expansion option also No No
Temperature controlled fan Yes Yes Yes
Power supply monitor Yes Yes Yes
Rear TTR control Yes No Yes
Morse ID Yes No No
Link configurable VF path Yes No No
VF I/O levels trim pot adjustable Yes No Yes, option
TTR levels trim pot adjustable Yes No No
On board switching for VF path control No No No
Dip switch mode selection No, software mode selection No No
Extensive rear interface Yes No Yes, option
Audio bridging function No No Yes
Internal interfacing Yes No Yes
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