About Spectra Engineering

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Our Vision

Spectra Engineering’s vision is to create a company that strives, through innovation and technology, to excel in the professional Base Station and Repeater radio communications market. Our goal is to provide a range of extremely reliable products that provides the highest performance to cost ratio, and to provide service to our clients that reflects our commitment to their individual systems requirements.

Our History

Spectra Engineering was originally established in 1988 as a research and design company to develop radio based communications products and provide consultation services for communications companies, manufacturers and OEMs. A wide range of products were designed and manufactured incorporating and meeting the varied needs of companies from contract project work to fully licensed royalty based production. Some of our projects have been diverse and have included low cost consumer radio control devices, mobile radio design, power amplifiers, credit card sized radio modems, miniature long range radio tracking systems and digital transmitters. Key personnel have been involved in the radio communications industry for over 30 years. Our main focus these days is in the design and manufacture of high performance Analog and Digital Base Stations / Repeaters and associated peripherals for professional radio communications systems.

What We Do

Spectra Engineering is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance Base Stations and Repeaters. We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of  Base Stations and Repeaters. We offer more models and solutions and cover more frequency bands than any other manufacturer worldwide. Our products and peripherals are used in a diverse range of professional communications systems throughout the world covering Digital APCO P25, Trunking, Conventional PMR, Data, Paging, Marine and special applications.

The Company

After completing a 6 year cycle of 1st generation product development in Base Station and Repeater products from 1988 to 1994, the focus shifted to that of manufacturing those products through the application of our key competencies in product innovation and design. The personnel which make up the team are responsible for all design and management aspects of the company. Spectra Engineering controls and performs all aspects of the manufacturing cycle from product design and material sourcing thru to final testing servicing and warranty support. We use our own designed QA system for maximum production efficiency.
Our key product is the 2nd generation MX800 Base station / Repeater and its associated peripherals. Previously, other OEMs have manufactured the 1st generation version under license for us. Large numbers of the current and predecessor models have been manufactured to date. Spectra markets the MX800 on a world wide basis and sales have been achieved into more than 30 countries. Spectra Engineering has also supplied products and private labelled products to a number of famous OEM bands.
The company's strong commitment to after sales service and support back all Spectra products. As a company whose core business specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of radio base stations, Spectra maintains the highest standards for the performance and reliability of its products. After many years of manufacturing and with our ongoing product optimisation and improvement program, our products have demonstrated and proved extreme reliability with MTBF figures exceeding 60 years in initial production and current production far exceeding that with a confidence level of greater than 90%.


Our focus for the MX800 platform is based on providing a future proof product. With technology improvements and component obsolescence our commitment is to provide ongoing product improvement while maintaining full backward compatibility.
As a company whose philosophy is based on engineering excellence, our product line will also be expanded to cover other areas of digital based radio products and expansion into niche market areas.

Details at a glance

  • Founded 1988
  • 1st generation Base Station licensed in 1993
  • 2nd generation Base Station (MX800) manufactured from 1997
  • Privately owned and controlled
  • Company owned building with 680+ m2 available space.
  • Ongoing strong development commitment to analog technology
  • Research into innovative techniques and ideas
  • Released low cost MX920 PMR Base Station in 2004
  • Released MX921 Base Station featuring very low power consumption in 2005
  • Released the Digital APCO P25 Repeater \ Base Station variant of the MX800 at the 2008 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas
  • Shifted to a new much larger custom designed building with over 3000m2 capacity floor space

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